Ear Aesthetics (Otoplasty)

Ear Aesthetics (Otoplasty)

Ear aesthetic surgery is changing and correcting the position of the ears. It usually occurs due to genetic reasons and although it is not a functional problem, it causes aesthetic concerns. Anyone over the age of 6 can have ear aesthetic surgery. Anyone who has problems with the shape and size of the ear and does not have a serious disease are excellent candidates for this type of operation.

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Accommodation 5 Days
Hospital Staying 1 Day
Operation Duration 2-3 Hours
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Full Recovery Duration Up to 1 week
Follow Up Visit 7th Day

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What to expect from Ear Aesthetics (Otoplasty) treatment?

If you have extremely large ears (Macrotia) or prominent ears, you are a good candidate for ear correction surgery. With ear surgery, the proportion and shape of your ears will be improved and will support your self-confidence.

In ear surgery, the ear folds are shaped. The angle between the ear and the head is narrowed and the correction is achieved in this way. The duration of the operation varies between 2-3 and a half hours, and the patient is discharged after 24 hours. The results of the surgery are supported by wearing a hair band after the surgery.



How much is a Ear Aesthetics (Otoplasty) surgery in Turkey?

Ear surgery cost in Turkey is seen at more affordable prices compared to many countries in the world. In fact, we can say that the highest quality service is available at the best prices in Turkey, Istanbul. It is possible to reach the best surgeons for ear surgery, because surgeons have world-class training and hospitals have A-class conditions. For exact pricing, we should listen to your requests and negotiate with our surgeon accordingly and make a price offer for you. You can contact us via our contact form easily! Let us remind you, consulting and asking the Otoplasty surgery price is free and always will be.


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