Butt Lifting & Shaping (BBL)

Butt Lifting & Shaping (BBL)

Also known as the brazilian butt lift (BBL), it is an operation that improves the appearance and shape of the hips.

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Accommodation 7 Days
Hospital Staying 1-2 Days
Operation Duration 2-4 Hours
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Full Recovery Duration Up to 4 week
Follow Up Visit 6th Day

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What to expect from Brazilian butt lift (BBL) treatment?

BBL can improve the balance and proportion of the hips. The appearance of your hips improves in a short time and a permanent improvement is achieved. You can see the results immediately after the operation, but the final results will take some time to develop. You will feel the difference in yourself day by day. Of course, we should not forget to exercise and eat healthy!



How is BBL surgery done?

In its simplest form, Brazilian buttock aesthetics is the repositioning of the patient's own fat in the hip region. If we go into a little detail, the fat removed from the fatty areas of the body by liposuction is purified and re-injected to make the buttocks more rounded and shaped, and an attractive appearance is provided. In this way, the fat accumulated in the belt area is corrected, and the transition line of the butt folds to the back is improved and the butt-back flatness is eliminated.

The surgical steps will be briefly as follows;

- Under general or local anesthesia (your doctor will choose what is comfortable for you), fat will be removed by liposuction from places such as hips, thighs, abdomen, waist area with micro incisions. The oils are purified and prepared to be injected to obtain the desired bbl result.

- Your surgeon injects fat locally with a few small incisions to obtain a shaped and rounded appearance on your hip, completes the procedure and closes your incisions with stitches. Your surgeon completes the surgery by applying a compression garment to reduce post-operative effects and risks.

How long does BBL surgery take?

The entire operation is completed in 2 to 4 hours. After that, you will wake up from general anesthesia for about 1 hour and be taken to your room where your follow-up procedures will be performed.

How long is BBL recovery?

You should not sit directly on your hips for the first 24 hours after the surgery. You must not work for the first week.

From the second week onwards, you may be able to sit on a special pillow called a BBL pillow. During these two weeks, your hips will decrease by 30% to 40% in volume, but do not worry, the first injection is made to compensate for this volumetric loss. After this process, your butt will start to recover and renew itself and will produce additional fat tissues.

You will use a compression garment for the first 6 weeks and will need to lie on your stomach or side for a while at night. Exercise should not be done during this time. the incisions made for liposuction on your hips will be almost invisible after they heal. Finally, your hips will recover 80% within 3 months and 95% at the end of 6 months, and your hips will regain their final shape.

Are there complications related to Brazilian butt lift?

The most common complication after bbl surgery is the feeling of some dead fat tissue under the skin. This condition is completely harmless and disappears on its own over time. Since no additional substance other than your own fat tissue is used in BBL surgery, the risk of complications is minimal.

Does a BBL last forever?

BBL surgery can be described as a semi-permanent operation because the injected adipose tissue is your own tissue. Here, the half-effect period can be described as more than 10 years, and it shows that it will maintain its shape and roundness even after it, except for excessive weight changes and aging effects. It is important to follow the recommendations for best results after Brazilian butt lift surgery. In this way, you can increase the shape of your hips and the effect of their lift.

How much is a BBL in Turkey?

BBL cost in Turkey is seen at more affordable prices compared to many countries in the world. In fact, we can say that the highest quality service is available at the best prices in Turkey, Istanbul, because surgeons have world-class training and hospitals have A-class conditions. It is possible to reach the best surgeons for BBL surgery. For exact pricing, we should listen to your requests and negotiate with our surgeon accordingly and make a price offer for you. You can contact us via our contact form! Let us remind you, consulting and asking the BBL price is free and always will be.


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