Voice Feminization Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

For transgender individuals, the tone of voice is critically important as well as the body they have. In addition, the voice tone surgery of transgender individuals plays an important role in the successful transformation of their selves. Voice tone (so the vocal cord) is one of the biggest factors in the feelings and emotional changes of transsexuals in social life and their lives. In short, voice feminization is one of the most important stages in terms of transsexuals' socialization opportunities. So is it an expensive surgery? How much does it cost?

Thanks to testosterone treatment opportunities for transmen, it is possible to thicken the vocal cord. However, the female voice does not occur with estrogen therapy in transwoman individuals. If you are asking the question "How can I make my voice more feminine?", voice reduction surgery comes to the aid of transwoman individuals. Thanks to vocal cord surgery, it is possible to thin the voice with surgery.


How long does voice feminization last? 
Voice surgery is a permanent operation. This situation means that once you decide to have voice feminization surgery, the decision is irreversible. In addition, the fact that voice feminization is a permanent operation is actually an advantage. In this way, you will not have to undergo surgery again.


Is vocal cord surgery painful?
The surgery is performed using general anesthesia and takes approximately 1 hour. You will not feel any pain during the surgery. The full recovery period is up to 6 months. The tone of voice towards full recovery takes its final form. After the surgery, it is very important to follow the doctor's recommendations during the treatment process.


How much is vocal feminization surgery in Turkey? Is it expensive?
This process varies according to the condition of the person and the technique applied. It would be the healthiest way to contact your aesthetician to get detailed information on this subject. There are also different choices in pricing. It is not possible to talk about an exact price. Still, prices in Turkey range from $5000 to $9000. However, it is necessary to get information by contacting the doctor in order to learn the exact prices. The service packages offered for this process in Istanbul are not expensive compared to other centers, and also the clinics in Istanbul offer reasonable prices.

In addition, all the necessary facilities for the completion of your gender change are available in Turkey. You can access all the health services you need in Istanbul. Istanbul is one of the most important centers from the aspect of health tourism in the world. It hosts specialists, doctors, estheticians and the most sterile clinics. If you wonder cost, how much and how the voice feminization surgery process works in Istanbul, you can check out Mediplasty and contact with us.


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