Is It Worth Getting Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia can be defined as breast enlargement in men. The cause of this ailment may be due to many different factors. Common causes of gynecomastia in men are unhealthy diet, excessive weight gain and loss cycles, as can some syndromes and hormonal disorders. As a solution to this discomfort, we can recommend male breast reduction surgery.

What are the types of gynecomasty?

Gynecomastia is generally detailed in three separate subcategories. Glandular gynecomastia is the formation of mammary glands similar to the female breast in the male body. In fatty gynecomastia, it occurs with lubrication in the breast. Another type of gynecomastia is mixed gynecomastia. The general causes of all these types of gynecomastia are an unhealthy diet, not exercising regularly, and genetic factors.
Some people take a moderate approach to the idea of doing sports to get rid of gynecomastia. However, unfortunately, just doing sports may not be enough in every case. For this reason, many gynecomastia patients turn to plastic surgery solutions to reduce breast fat as a solution to this situation. Since it is a very easy procedure, this surgery stands out as a very attractive idea.
The recovery process after gynecomastia surgery is also very fast. On average, it is one week after surgery. In the first week, edema decreases and swelling decreases. In this process, you should use the corset that your doctor will recommend to you. So you can get through this process much faster. You should be careful and avoid hot showers for 6 weeks after the surgery. In addition, you should stop smoking before surgery.

What do men need to know before having gynecomastia surgery?

As in any surgery, it requires taking the preparation process seriously before the gynecomastia surgery. You should stop smoking and alcohol use. The reason for this condition is the goal of facilitating anesthesia. In addition, the patient should sleep for at least 8 hours before anesthesia. Patients can also look at the gynecomasty surgery before-after images and examine the difference before deciding on surgery.
In the post-operative recovery period, you will not be able to do sports for a while. You should definitely not lift heavy items during the healing phase, which lasts for one and a half months. However, with the right diet and light exercise programs, you can return to your normal live in a short time. Can gynecomastia grow back after surgery? The answer is no, gynecomastia surgery is permanent. You will not have gynecomastia again, unless you are in an excessive weight gain-weight loss cycle.

Is Male Breast Reduction Operation Worth?

Considering that health tourism has developed considerably and transportation has become quite easy in the globalizing world, it is a very reasonable option to have gynecomastia surgery, especially in developed countries. Due to the differences in the exchange rate differences, Turkey stands out as a very attractive health tourism center today. For Male Breast Reduction surgery, you can get help from English-speaking and expert doctors in Turkey. As a result, you can get rid of this discomfort with gynecomastia surgery and it is worth it.

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