Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Are you one of those who adopted the fashion sense of the 90s, or do you adapt to the changing fashion trends of the 2000s? The most popular choice in terms of butt shape after the 2000s is the Brazilian butt. It is a fact that the Brazilian butt looks pretty aesthetic, and it is the shape that women most desire to achieve. In recent years, the number of women who have undergone plastic surgery and BBL Brazilian butt lift operations has also tended to increase significantly. How much does it cost in Turkey? Plus, how much time needed for the healing  process?


What is BBL (Butt lifting & shaping)
BBL is the injection of fat taken from your own body into the hips to obtain proportion and elevation in the hips. These fats are usually taken from the abdomen, sides and hips, and/or lower back by liposuction. The elevation and shape of the hips are determined by your doctor according to the your general body condition, and the amount injected changes accordingly. In order to have BBL surgery, it is necessary to have 15-30 lbs (6.8 kg – 13.6 kg) more weight than your ideal body weight. When all these factors are taken into consideration, it can be said that this aesthetic operation is performed completely personalized.


Is Brazilian buttock lift permanent?
A permanent change in hip folds and hip shape is possible with BBL surgery. 60% - 70% of the amount of fat injected into the buttocks is preserved long term. However, since the injected oil is natural, it would be more accurate to say semi-permanent for this operation. Some diets and exercises should be applied to maintain the butt shape and butt lift obtained after the surgery. Thus, we can talk about a permanent effect that can be measured in decades.


How much does Brazilian butt lift cost in Turkey?
Prices for this plastic surgery may vary. In addition, the important thing at this point is not that it is cheap, but that the operation is performed by reliable and experienced surgeons. The cost tariff applied in Turkey is already quite affordable for most European countries and America due to currency. However, to talk about an estimated price range, we can say that it is possible to have a BBL between $2500 - $4000.


When can I sit after BBL?
After the BBL surgery, you should fully comply with the recommendations given by your doctor during the treatment. You will need a pillow to sit on after the surgery. You can sit directly on your butt after 2 – 4 weeks.


How long is healing for BBL?
Depending on the response of your body and the healing process, you will return to your normal life between 6-9 weeks. The fat injected into your butt will be balanced and will help your butt take its final look. In this way, you will be able to wear clothes such as jeans comfortably.
Before and after the surgery, your doctor will share detailed information about the process with you. At this point, you should be able to comfortably ask all the questions you have in mind. Reaching the butt shape you dream of is even easier and more comfortable than before! With the help of surgery operations, you can get through a healthy healing process. Turkey is a very successful country in terms of Brazilian butt lift surgeries. It can be a quite good option for you in this regard.


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