About Mediplasty

You don't have to spend a fortune to get world-class treatment. Our aim is to connect our customers with the best doctors, clinics and hospitals in line with your needs and to ensure that they receive the best service.

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Why Mediplasty?

We are a team that includes the best dedicated clinics and surgeons. Dental health, aesthetic surgery, weight loss treatments are our areas of expertise.

In addition to assigning a guide to our customers in their native language, a specialist doctor is assigned additionally to follow up all your examination, treatment and test results. This specialist doctor will monitor all your processes in addition to all the doctors you will meet and take care of you.

In this way, it is ensured that you reach VIP treatment service smoothly and reliably with comprehensive packages that include the entire treatment process. Join our dozens of happy patients. With our experienced team in our world-class accredited clinics, Mediplasty is always with you!

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Why Istanbul, Turkey?

There are surgeons and healthcare professionals in Istanbul who are equipped with extensive medical knowledge in many branches and are dedicated to their patients and their health. In this way, Istanbul is preferred as a health center for the citizens of many countries. Thus, you will have the opportunity to both benefit from the best health services and explore the city.